Saturday, April 28, 2007

A farewell party for Jiahui

A farewell party organized by Jiahui for herself instigated by qilin.
Had dinner at Queensway Market.. first time we had our dinner together in a market! no longer the usual town area & no more bugis zhi char.....

well glenn is nicknamed the 'pangsei king' by qilin.... why?? coz glenn never turn up for dinner and send his gf shilin as representative! and this is not the first time glenn has pangsei qilin i guessed.. tats why qilin gave him tis name (ahahahah sowing discord among the 2)

another interesting finding, the wierdest girl in SMU i ever met.. tats AISHA! realised that she normally dun check her grades until the next semester starts! reason given was.. her grades usually turns out better tat way... duhz.... *puzzled.. she's a weirdo

anyway here's the pictures for the nite taken with N73 phone. Please will jiahui and Weiye send us pictures taken with ya pro cameras... mine the quality are not as good.

the green drink - AVOCADO! it's nice... only the good taste pple such as celine and me will order it..

shilin at the corner left.. glenn's representative.. where did glenn go?? i cant even meet up with u before u leave for US!

the couple: dorothy and weiye

2 beauties doing food tasting...
first we had satays..... den comes...
our sting rays, kang kong, calamari...

jiahui at extreme right, photoshooting with her new samsung digital camera! send us the pics! show us how good the quality of the pics are...

the fu qi lian couple... jiahui and qilin..

tats aisha in the centre! the wierdo!

food all gone... inside our stomach... we are satisfied...
couple of us (qilin,aisha,jiahui,myself) went walas after dinner. EIC is performing. Met up with amanda who is doing her internship at Julius Bank... earning 1k doin accounts opening task, which leaves her very unsatisfied and wanted something more challenging... adrian the busy man.... doing his marketing internship, seems to be enjoyin his work! recently i have heard comments tat adrian looks good nowadaz and being photogenic!

amanda looks shag... must be tired from her mudane tasks at work.

qilin in the centre.. the network king.. met his friends over at walas... i can only remember one of the girl's name, Sheela i guessed... hahha.. she is super good at networking.. indeed a good marketing graduate from SMU. But she seemed to be a bit high and drank quite a bit..heard from aisha that Sheela wanted to throw away her engagement ring.. tried to dropped it into the beer mug.. but end up droppin to the ground... and it was a 1 carat ring! in the end they need to seek assistance from the staff to search with a torchlight.

we were like normads tonight shifting around tables. initially seated with qilin's friends, but he moved us to a table next to the side of the stage. From there i have the 'see-butt' experience again. den qilin called for us to move to a table next to his friend... but it was a grave mistake.. that table was actually taken up. this caused all of us to land up with no seats!
lastly jiahui will wanna say this to all: "thanks for coming..." afterall this event was organized by her for herself *wink
gosh nearly 4am.. and i need to be in office by 9 in the morning... nitez

my blog never dies!

people been asking why recently no entries, no updates in the blog. is it that i have another blog and forgotten about bloggin here ?? hhahaha anyway a recall back to what happened for past 2 weeks after exams...

17th April 07: try the watermelon ice-cream!.. realli got the taste of melon... bought from daimaru. but it cost like nearly $4 . tot of buying for my dozen kids back home, but 12*4 hmmm the money i think i can spend on 3 tubs of Bens & Jerry...

19th April 07: went zouk with this group of pple! and our dear qilin did the merlion! he pushed the blame to the powerful teh tarik he had during supper that caused him to make a fool of himself in public puking all over the floor... And i must say Galen aka Weiye is the Mr Sporting Guy! i msn him at 9.30pm askin him if he wanna join us, within 10 mins, he is out on his way to my place! woot! u are fabulous! super On!

the most funny comment made was by qilin "there are 2 dicks brushing my backside".. one of the section was realli cramped! qilin must be having a great time there and maybe thats why he wanted to go back tat area for a 2nd time tat nite...

20th April 07: one kind soul by name of alfred gave us 2 days course on .Net training... super nice guy he is... and as a gesture for saying thanks... we gave him a simple treat - sakae sushi meal...

salmon ! dione's fav! i like to eat too.. and dip with wasabi sauce... but its a turn off for Yugui, she doesnt know how to appreciate...

actually i found myself with a liking towards jap sushi food.. hmmm...friends if u wanna go eat sushi can jio me along! =D

23 April 07: cooked fried rice today! woot! i think in terms of colors ... it looks fine, not bad.... but for taste.. it tasted bit too dry... hmm... first attempt at cooking! have never fried any rice before!

the chili deco looked like big octopus!

on wed 25th, was at the airport... sending someone off.... the plane that someone took was the one seen in the middle pic... which is heading out and preparing for take off soon... bye bye... counting my teabags for ya return~ sayonara i know u will have lots of fun over there =D

have quite a few other friends headin for US soon in early may. Jiahui, Shilin, Glenn, Joan, Daryl & ++.... how envious am i when im rooted to SG. sbosobsobsbosb....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

MVO, a fashionista's choice

MVO known as My Very Own. Behind the scene is a small group of passionate people who are just creative accessories lovers! Each and every piece are handcrafted and MVO do not mass produce. That means each piece of accessory u bought from MVO could be the only one in the whole world!

MVO brings you to all occasions. You wan to be casual? You want to look chic? You want to look feminine? You wan to look sophisticated? You want to look elegant for your dinner dates? Check out MVO at

MIS class of 2007

Marketing Information Systems (MIS)
An enjoyable module in SMU by Marcus Lee! hahhaha basically coz assigments are all based in class, not much after class work needs to be done except once in a while. Cool prof teaching on some new creative design module next sem. Can't wait to hear more news on that! i'm so keen and wanna take that if possible.

The pictures of the students across 3 MIS classes

this is posted for someone to see, the someone who is an admirer of Shupin~ Find ya dearest shupin in the pic!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

1 piece 5 styles

slack, relax, rest, sleep, rot is all i wan to do for now....
EXAMS are declared over!! so elated that the most hated SMU mods are cleared, finance paper taken today and Financial Accounting which was taken last sem. I admit i wasn't cut for finance stuffs. If these 2 mods weren't required to clear as compulsory under my Marketing 2nd major, i wouldnt have even tot of taking them!

chanced upon a scarf today when i walked past, took a look, grabbed it and paid.
heee... bought at $30 from Mango. Woot~ 1 piece but can wear it in 5 different ways!
so in breakdown value
$30 / 5 = $6 per style
so in a consumer's point of view, is it worth buying?
i like~

can u think of more ways?

Friday, April 13, 2007

lift me up

it's lipton tea time!
lipton has always been my studying companion~
needed lipton to perk me up.. just had 1 cup! i wan another~

tea has its effect of refreshing the mind, it will make u feel calm . scientific studies shown that when people drink tea throughout the day, their mood and mental performance remain at a constant high level.

do you know tea has caffaine? even tea tat claimed as Decaffeinated Tea are not completely caffeine-free. i once heard from a health product seminar talk, that tea actually has more caffaine then coffee! hmmm not to sure to what extend, whether is it referring only to certain types of tea.

but surely Caffeine does bring us Alertness effects:

  • improved alertness and performance on a variety of tasks at night
  • improved attention, psychomotor, memory test results after strenuous exercise
  • Increases in cognitive performance
  • significantly increase wakefulness, vigor, energy, feeling “full of go” and feeling efficient
tried to find out if tea really has more caffaine, performed some google. some sites mentioned tat indeed tea possess more. But under it claims that tea has less caffaine than coffee and pple tend to sleep more easily, enjoy more quality sleep than coffee drinkers. quite skeptical about it, since its from lipton tea website im sure they as advertisers tried to describe things in such a manner that will promote their own product.
but too lazy to go search for more support and reach any conclusion...

anyway there are thus far only 3 types of teas that i love to drink...
1) canned pokka /heaven earth green tea
2) lipton hot tea
3) Ice tea... i like KFC's ice tea... hmmm seasons ice tea is overly sweet, not for me if i have choice to choose...

lipton does have a wide range of flavoured teas but i dun find it tasty. it just doesnt suit my tastebud. Even canned green tea.. they have green tea with white chrysanthemum etc....
but i think the unflavoured ones are still the best.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Question of the day

someone asked me this question today:

will the water level raise or fall when you scoop a fish out from the fish tank??
what's ya answer??

just now i did something that seems stupid. was trying to solarized my calculator! haven been using tat calculator ever since poly days???! was raising my calculator high up so that it will absorb the energy from the room light... actions seem so comical...

my love in my life

shared a bar of hershey's milk chocolate with my sis. this mysterious choco bar was found hidden in between my stack of finance notes... some magician did it! *wink

Chocolate is said to positively affect the mind body and soul. It can stimulate, revive and energise the mind and body through its caffeine and energy content. A great source of phenylethamine, a natural mood enhancer which stimulates our body's "feel good" chemicals known as endorphins.

For females, there is a drop in progesterone levels during pre-menstrual which is responsible for the violent mood swings. The magnesium content has been proved to increase progesterone levels, thus alleviating the problem. So guys! if ya gfs has frequent mood swings.. appease them with chocolates! =P

are all chocolates good for health? is there something called the "Healthiest chocolate"????
Plain dark containing a minimum 70% or more cocoa solids are the healthiest. It's also the best way to satisfy a craving for chocolate, without consuming too much sugar and saturated fat.

well im not good enough to go in depth talkin about chocolates... i onli know how to eat! all kinds! but preferably not those nutty ones (M&M peanuts is an exception) and not those with caramel i.e. snickers bar.

weiye sent me this leaflet

woot free cone day! hmmm my fridge now stores 2 tubs of B&J icecream "waving" at me... kind of fav is "chocolate chips cookie dough"! My first taste of B&J's ice-cream was during my poly days, all thanks to my Citibank supervisor. He bought me a tub as he drove by a petrol station when he gave me a ride home. i dun like ice-cream that is too chocolatey thou i love chocolates, prefer those choco chips kind... vanilla with bit of chocolate.. those chocolatey color all over, a bit turn off for me...

will i be able to fight and win the battle against the icecream for tonite?? can i resist the temptation? we shall see.... back to studying finance....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

for the special someone

a blog post specially for someone special that i've knew her way back from SMU yr 1 . I met this girl during a community service work at SPD (society for the physically disabled). There we spent 2 full weeks together, mingling with the beneficiaries... and remember Arkbar? we did a communicative book for him.

time flies as always, now we have been into our last sem for our 3rd year studies. both of us are having our last paper on this sat. and Yipee...summer holidays are here once again!!!! and we are going to CLEAR OUR FYP!!!

recalling back to the past... i did all my IS modules and projects with her! woot~ hahhaha how many was that? other den qilin, i guessed she is the next whom i did numerous projects with. All thanks to her, we got hooked up doing projects with robin, dione and phelicia .... Our dear great buddies. My life in SMU wouldnt be complete without all of you. (pls spend efforts to keep the ties warm and hot! hahaha dun forget about me when each of you goes ya separate ways to exchange...)

o yah and i once did a blog posting on her in my very first set up blog account, which i did not conscientiously add any postings to. And i doubt she knows about it. that post was an

episode on friendship - A priceless gift.
Hmm... let me pen down my 1st day of Term3B(Intercultural Comms by Ong Siow Heng) while waiting for my file conversion to be done. Kind of sleepy, trying to keep myself awake for now.

Had a hard time getting to sleep the night before. Was is due to excitement of "FIRST DAY OF SCH"??? Remembering those pri school days whereby i head off to sch with new stationery, polished white bata shoes. Those were the days...I set my alarm at 6:30am. But as usual i din manage to wake on my own. Thankfully to this wonderful friend of mine who took the initiative and tots to give me a morning call at 6:45am. Blbalbalbaa.... i got down the bed, went to bathroom ... bathe .. changed.. out of hsu... and to the NEW CITY CAMPUS!

When i reached the seminar room, my dear friend has booked a seat for me, and so sweet of her to buy me breakfast which include yummy-licious sandwich + slurping good cup of tea. Not only just that, she even took me an extra copy of TODAY newspaper for me. So touched by her actions... wad can i say? I'm fortunate to have such a nice friend like her. One whom i knew since yr 1, someone whom i have always been doing my ISM projects with. Yugui knows that im such a blur sotong especially in the mrg, has done all these and touched me truly deeply ....

heeeeee that was wad i wrote...
yugui: the girl is none other den u!!!! Muacks! HAPPI BIRTHDAY!

today is her 22nd birthday!!!!!!! i remember last yr she had her 21st birthday celebration at Aloha! and she had her preparations woes and i heard complaints from her.. but im sure she enjoyed the chalet stay and seeing so many of her friends storming in with presents and well wishes for her, she certainly had a great time. A nice 21st birthday that she will remember.... and o yah! MS POH did u wear the dress we bought for u???!!!!!! and wad about that G-STRING!!!! where did u dump to! all i saw u wearing was only the adidas jacket!.. hahaha all her presents were blueish(her fav color).

photo recollection of the day's event

photos were taken from Zhiqin's photo gallery at

my best wishes to my dearest lovable buddy
priceless just like a piece of heirloom jade (YU)
whom plays a significant role in my life.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ferris ride wont be a romantic ride

opps i made a mistake. there are 28 capsules to be installed on the ferris wheel. EACH can take up to 35 people! initially i tot was total 35 for the whole ride and not 28*35! hmmm as duke said the ride wont be lomantic le, so many people squeezing into one capsule~

trying hard to find pics to post for today, the childhood me...

there's a cafe over at the national museum which seems pretty cosy, peaceful and nice and price looks affordable. go try it out and tell me!

digging my hdd for photos taken which has been dumped aside. found pics of new bukit timah campus that now belongs to NUS which i took when i'm there for some site work.

the once familiar place
Changes took place at the once familiar place.
But as one reminisce back to the past,
you'll still be able to recall the good O'times .
Can u remember the architecture of the buildings in the past?
How different it is compared to now?
The upper & lower quads are intact.
The big playing field,
the place where events were held.
Orientation camp, patrons day & more..
The big green pasture,
where students walked to cross to the opposite side of the buildings.
laughter + noise + fun,
the place for remembrance.
Despite changes that took place,
beautiful memories are still deeply rooted in our mind
Bukit timah campus,
where it once was the home for SMU.

my sons.... how fortunate am i to have kids of these age?

took photo of the ferris wheel back in march when out for 'Heart Walk' at Marina South. Was dragged into this family walk by my dearest sons??? My cousin's teacher asked "which is your son?" i bet i really look so old and haggard at my age now...

It was onli 5/8 completed in early march and now it's FULLY done up. This construction work started back in last year Sep. So in math it took about 7 months. Ferris wheel will start operation next year, with capacity of max 35 each ride. Will there be a long queue??? i wonder when the donut factory queue gonna stop! A visit to Vivo last fri, the donut queue there was also considerably LONG!

A Ferris ride
Will you be there to enjoy the ferris ride with me??
Thereafter sit beside me and admire the night skyline??
I wonder if there be neon lights wiring the ferris.
It's sure to be a magnificent sight for us.
I guess it's so beautiful due to the presence of you beside.

I will onli let go your hands if one day it snows in Singapore.
Treasuring every single moment with u,
yearning for more and more wonderful times
Just wanna be with you.

Photo collage of past outing to HollandV..

Freeze and Pose @ Eski Bar!

Night of Awards
Qilin - "least tolerance for coldness"
WeiNgaip - "best lobster face after drinking" & "Biggest eater"
Aisha - "the most beautiful Malay"
Amanda - "most huggable"
Adrian - "best creative person of yr 2007!"
Jiahui - "coolest economical buddy"
Lihui - "ms lateness"

Sunday, April 08, 2007

attempt this question quickly:
a bat and a ball cost $1.10 in total.
the bat cost $1 more than the ball.
how much does the ball cost?
read this only after u have attempted the qn.
based on behavioural economics, principle#6: people are bad at computation.
People tend to jump quickly into intuitive answers which might be wrong.
50% of Princeton students got the answer wrong. most replied 10 cents.
attempt the question again... it's actually 5 cents.
i experimented this with few friends, none has given me the right answer.
worse of all, my youngest sister's reply was "ZERO CENTS" in her first attempt! she can go back to primary school and learn her mathematics and draw her models!

sis, if u are reading this.... pls do something to your math~~~~~

alrite back to the "inhaling ethics" - next thing to read is ethical egoism.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

am reading my ethics book!!!!! at chapter 7 out of 10... !!! on the way~~ gonna score higher den Mr tan !!!!!