Tuesday, October 30, 2007

cutie pie contest

no pics to post... couldnt locate... dunno where the hell i store my stuffs... i shall post these faces... woot! JAPAN THERE WE GO TOGETHER!
who is cuter? me or jiahui?


this chap left smu for purdue university in Indiana. Enjoying his life there..
sent me his halloween pic.. but duhz... dressing is so simple not exaggerating at all. just black liner, black nails.. nothing much... booooo!! but he said next yr he will go all out instead.

should see my all time fav blog : http://peggychang.wordpress.com/
always full of updates.

busy bee

haven been blogging for very long.. like almost 3 weeks or so.
been busy with lotsa stuffs.. school work, work work & work...
some pics taken at recent grand opening event..

for more pictures... visit http://www.monsoonhairgroup.com Gallery section

Saturday, October 06, 2007

happy birthday to me!

How old am i now?

happi birthday to me~ happi birthday to me~~say cheese.... don't count my candles... i'm forever 18~
birthday girl must cut cake...those who wants a slice of my cake have to take a photo individually with me!!!wang fei hong wannabes...let me show you my dragon claws...

i can easily lift u and bash u up with one fist...

using our imaginery swords, we battled and fought tough...may the ninja power be with me both of us drop dead to the ground..
my cousin Nerrell... all the best to her O'Levels...We shall go for shopping spree after your exams!

Same for Jorven! Do your best for your Os too and get ya IPOD reward! & stop faking me that its your friend who wants an answer to that particular question you ask me! btw jorven won himself the $80 popular voucher for being the selected top 5 in the upper secondary paperbag competition held by Nafa School of Arts. WOOT... my future ARTIST~ toast~

will post more tomorrow... stay tune to my blog~ =P