Saturday, July 14, 2007

how are my dear friends abroad?

im sure all of them have enjoyed themselves in US to the extreme and are coming back soon within a mth.

Here's glenn and his gf shilin.. wooo... glenn has more saucy juicy pics...

this is jiahui
"People here are so much bigger & we are just like dwarfs. One colleague even called me TINY. Wow.. We went shopping & saw lingerie but obviously, there are no sizes for us at all. This one below is as big as my face! I have to go to the Junior sections to shop for my lingerie.. Haha.. "
abstracted from her blog :

waiting for zhiqin to be back to see his millions of new photos. what is impt to him now should be his hdd and his memory card.

Here's another one away in India doing his internship with Tata... He brew scandals in mumbai as what he told me... den it must be real! scandals, affairs, and rendevous nites with this lady in red... hahahaha...
see his scandals in mumbai photo album:
well trying to tell us he celebrated his birthday in india with hindi words on his cake and a guy who used to have no friends has got alot of new friends~! and to those in SG who haven bought him a birthday present he still welcome belated gifts.
Next on list to travel will be dear Robin and Shuli going away for IS first ever organized BSM trip to US. This BSM trip wont be possible without TA Robin's help and planning behind the scene.
and Dione away for holiday trip to Phuket with her dearest...
Last but not least.... Congratulations to Duke... He has graduated from SMU and found himself a well paid job over at Temasek Holdings! Best wishes to him...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

it used to be all black for mon to fri..

working in monsoon has to be in black black black from mon to fri... except weekends where i will see colors in the salon.
this is the past... colors here i come.. now colors filled my week.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The past with Honeywell

In Love with Blue

I started having a blue top... follow by blue toe nails. went for pedicure yesterday at Good Earth Nail Spa at Plaza Singapura L2. Bought a pedicure package ages ago.. but haven been going back there... finalli yesterday i went there to utilize my package and i still have 3 more sessions of pedi to go. did a spa treatment on my legs as well tat cost me $30 bucks.. which is meant for anti ageing, removing fine lines and moisturizing effects. the scrubing of my legs with beads scrub + lotion for moisturizing + covering my foot with plastic bag and putting both feet into a set of warm vacum bag.. letting it rest there for 10 mins ... and tat cost 30 bucks.. much easier to earn den a pedicure session to remove dead skin, shape and polish.

maybe the work experience with monsoon, knowing how commission system works .. knowing that once customer come back for course sessions, their revenue is actually zero. Therefore the inner me, was a bit paiseh.. which is why i did the $30 bucks spa treatment, letting the girl earn something extra. kind of contridicting.. as consumer i dun wan to spend much actually but at work im hoping customers to spend more.. when customers come back for their courses session, i hope they purchase products or something extra so they will need to pay something as well.. at least that session of service is afterall not considered zero revenue.. at least the shop benefit from bit of additional sales.

even Lina (lady boss of Nail spa) after being in the nails service line, experiencing customers tipping the staffs.. she told me that nowadayz she tends to give little bit of tips as well when she visits elsewhere to do service like foot reflexology etc as a form of appreciation. normally customers who give tips tends to be ang mos or pple who have travelled to english countries and back. Some can be rather generous. so far i only came across one person giving a miserable $1 as tip to shampoo boy. other den that mostly are all tips in dollar notes... even medicacorp artiste give tips.... sometimes they will come in to do their hair/nails... and give a tea break treat to the whole shop.

den i realise my surroundings are blue ... the PC screen

the lan cables..

surrounded by the beautiful blue.

Architecture in Singapore

guess where is this??
Novena Square... one of the less frequent place that i would ever go to in the past... if not for work, i doubt i be going novena square that often. Besides Novena square the new extension Velocity a sports shopping mall as well as Square 2 another mall beside that house many eatery places and seems to target on korean stuffs...

a short walking distance away is the United Square.. cant go United States this summer but i visit U.Square. hahahha how lame is this..

there is this small pub at the basement of the shopping mall. Sporting a billard table outside in the open. i wonder what they do when it rains...cover the billard table? or shift it in to the shelter? This pub serves a wide variety of beer from different countries... nice place to chill out and relax. but the waitress there looks like from philipines or indonesia. but 2 person or 3 going there for some food and drinks can easily cost up to 100 bucks. per drink already cost 15-20 bucks.

ZOUK callin Q and W!

qilin away in India... when will u be back .. let's go clubbing again @ ya fav ZOUK! and along with the spontenous Weiye! WHEN WHEN WHEN!!!

went doubleO with collegues weeks ago... wow our drinks cost a bomb... think accumulated total nearly 1 k... each person have to pay ard 150+ . and was said that the cost is shared among the guys girls no need to pay.. hahaha... we had a lot of drinks... waterfall, buckets of beer, jugs of vokda mix of all types... there's one that taste like vokda with milk... dunno wad drink is that.. and 2 big round serving plates of small little cuppies of drinks.. those taste nice.. it cost 100 bucks per plate of servings. but one plate i think there shld be at least ard 30 cups..small little ones.. Hanging out with them is drinks and lotsa drinks drinks drinks... but i still prefer going zouk with qilin and WEIYE! when are we going again??!

Eating places in raffles

turn back time... sorry tat i haven been bloggin.. so now im updating on things tat happened for past mth(s).. haha

Other than working this summer, im also busy with my FYP. been thru 2 phases of the project and the phase 3 presentation is coming soon on next monday. The company is located at Telok Ayer street and we've been exploring places to eat ard the area for the past mths.

one of the days we went to Market Street hawker centre... they are sellin these hum jin pang... 7 piece for 1 dollar! sounds cheap! and one highlight is... u gotta fry it yaself! the guy in yellow is meiyun's bf while the pinky girl is our dearest dione. they queued up and once it reached their turn, dione took out his hp camera to take pics of meiyun's bf frying ... hahahha poor man... he gotta fry $2 worth for us and he fried another $2 worth for himself and half of it for robin. its pretty humid and warm in there and having to fry it ... wwwwwwwwwwooooooo so HOT! u will wish for a fan blowing at u...

one of the lunches at raffles : lunch @soup spoon a celebration after FYP phase 1 project presentation to the client. During lunch hours 12-2pm, crowds are everywhere... resturants, hawkers, eateries,foodcourt all packed like sardine. first we went soup spoon near lau pat sat area.. there's a long queue.. and suddenly someone suggested sakae.. alright we left the queue halfway and walked to raffles place mrt area for sakae... waaaa queue again.. sianz.. we walked to TCC sat and queue.. queue queue queue .. hard to see anyone leaving their dining table. and guess wad... we went over soup spoon one of the outlets located at raffles place station and settled down.. we walked one big round and back to the same... Robin's fav... soup spoon.

guess where is this place in the pic below?
most of u would have know its lau pat sat based on the ceilings roof design! all of us looking for food after one of the torturous FYP dayz... dinner time.. its rather competitive for the stall holders there.. these guys in the background are walking around touting for customers to patronize their stalls....
FYP = food = more food = fat
each day when we are at the Parkway's Office at Telok Ayer, we are sure to be snacking away in the office, buying more food/snacks back to office from lunch.

Nails Adventure - Beauty treats

enjoyed beauty free treats from monsoon nails spa. Angeline the artisitic Nails Director done up acrylic nails for me. each acrylic nail (fake nails) cost 6 bucks . each nail art cost 6 bucks. therefore each finger cost $12. In total my 10 fingers cost $120!!!!!! wooo expensive ar... but pple are willingly to spend such amount on their nails... i havent reach that stage yet... not so willing to spend so much unless for special occasions maybe. Another of my friend did the acrylic nails as well but hers keep dropping off and she has to repeatedly glued it back everyday. Whereas mine was stuck there so firmly that i couldnt remove it by peeling off but rather i need to soak my fingers and let the acrylic nails melt away. i had these on for almost a mth! and it never dropped before. Acrylic nails has it up and down sides... Looking pretty with longer nails but at expense of having weaker nails after removing it.

removed my acrylic nails, angeline did french manicure for me... retail price for manicure will be $25 and for french will be additional $5. My hands cost $30 bucks now. French nails are nice coz they look clean and tidy...

Nails package at Monsoon is worthy. Normally when u purchase nail packages elsewhere it will cost X amount for 5+1 manicure sessions or Y amount for 5+1 pedicure sessions.

But for monsoon ,its lowest package is $250. which you will get $50 dollar value in addition with $75 worth of treatment. Meaning to say that u pay $250 but u get $375 of services in return. The package does not restrict u to doing just soley manicure or pedicures like most other places. It gives consumers the flexibility in doing what they want. Monsoon Nail Spa offers a wide range of services other den just nails, it also provide whitening treatments for ya hands and legs, waxing etc.

Finally i'm blogging

it's a long long time since i last blog.... hasn't been blogging coz of the busy schedule with work and my FYP. now i shall upload pics that i've taken for the past weeks/month..

for mth of may, i have pasted posters all over the school. and promotions is over and yet i dun have the energy to tear it down.. hahaha. Just for readers info, i was working for Monsoon Hair & Nail Spa for peanuts for the past 2 mths. Left my Honeywell for peanuts.. The pay wasnt good considering the long working hours but the experience was an enjoyable with the fun people ard there.

met 3 cute adorable kids. There are the daughters of the boss of the Monsoon Nail Spa. Their parents dote on them very much. How fortunate they are. The registered name of monsoon Nail Spa was actually MSC Nail's blablabla... named after the boss's 3 daughters~ wowww how sweet it is... Megan + Shannon + Chloe.... Actually my aunt did the same too, his husband company was also named after his 3 sons He Jing, He Hui, He Guan known as "Jing Hui Guan blablabla".

these 3 kids are pretty, they wear hugo boss outfit.. woot.. their playmate is quan yifeng's daughter... father Eric is well to do and capable... he is capable coz he does his own trading at home and he have to raise the 3 kids, support the whole family including the parents etc and 3 maids!. Eric is a man who dotes so much on his wife. This business in nail spa was opened by Eric for his wife Lina. Went to their new house for some BBQ.... den i saw a piece of artistic furniture shaped like a dog placed in the living room. It cost 500 bucks for tat seat and they bought 3 especially made and crafted for the daughters. And recently i heard eric bought a pair of watch that cost ard 35k for the daughter?!! they are rich pple but they are also thrifty in some sense.