Monday, December 04, 2006

Find Super Mario!

there are 4 super mario instances hidding in this picture. Try and see if u can spot them!

Click on the image to view a bigger version of the photo. Use a magnifying glass if u need.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

People & Expressions

A Chess Game between 2

Objects in the room

bears posing for me

Miss Curly Doll is unwanted by LiRong

A mini wedding thank you gift

music from the box

photo frame, one that stores memories

Caught one of the character in "Xiao Ding Dang" - sound asleep

i have many pigs at home. one of them...


Saturday, December 02, 2006

A story to tell

It was an isolated area until...

she was left there with no one else around

she was bored until someone came along and adventure begins!

they tried to walked out of Enchanted Grove but to their horror, they met...

This old man was sleeping under a tree one day but woke up to realise that he was trapped under the barks and trunks of this tree. He was waving incessantly and howling for help. It sent the errie chill up their spine and they just turned and ran away...

Next they chanced upon a lorry, hopped onto it and hoping to find a way out of the island.

they travelled and when they look up the sky, they saw a...

they followed the direction of where the fairy flied to...
and yes they did finally got out of the island

"good bye Sentosa.. Hello Singapore Mainland"

They crossed the bridge to reach another island.
Beautify scenary they see along the way

at the end of the bridge they saw this gigantic flower tree!

So what comes next....

they boarded the rocket and off they head to another destination..
Goodbye Duo.. keep us updated on the next adventure trip.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Trip to VivoCity

blue blue sky

sky garden

snowie man


hush hush.. dun cry~... i know its painful to accidentally bite on yaself while eating that Carl's Juniors burger..
i know its shocking to see ya finger bleeds not knowing where u get that cut from..
dun cry anymore.. give me a smile.

that's better..

small flower

big flower

be heading there on fri's evening !