Thursday, November 30, 2006

diggin my portable hdd for some memories

memories part 1

some photos taken during the outing for jiahui's birthday back in Sep 05

3 gorgeous ladies.

this is galen who visits my blog...!!!

qilin trying to be extra, lookin away from camera

qilin and his gf

dispute btw the 2 of them as usual... let me play the mediator. Dun play play .. i took the module on conflict resolution before!!

o.. btw.. it's jiahui's 18th bdae onli!??

"bagus...Ah ngaip you hao jie shao"

Xmas last dec 05!

are we having xmas gathering again this year??!!!

another random pic from hdd

will fill up on memories part 2 perhaps tomorrow... stay tune to this blog space. =D

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

wad can be more joyous den to know that exams are over and dec holidays are here once more... which means 2006 will soon be over... countdown to 2007!

but there are still things that i need to clear
  • AA individual report which i procrastinate till now. due end of mth.
  • VIE mag to be out by Jan
  • flash based website that i have been chased for
  • ... and.... hopefully nothing more... cant think of any at the moment. dun wish to think too much.

i just wan to spend more time with my Dear80!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are 8 full pages of Nikon adverts on Straits Times today! wow..

another thing... rec'd an email from a prof to the team. and there he wrote: "Since you made me read 108 pages of report, you get to....." O my goodness.. does that spell signs of trouble... wondering how our report was graded... If it were to be a 108 pages of insightful reading for him, it be fabulous but.... well well... bless us...

my aunt&family will be returning back from their holidays trip from Bangkok later this afternoon. so nice of her to have treated me to a stay in 'chalet' for 5 days 5 nights.. hahhaa.... got to help feed their fishes.. and yesh they are well taken of.. but this mrg my sister purposely woke up at 6:45am jus to feed 1 arowana. WHY? all becoz she missed last evenings' feeding time, and skies has turned dark... the arowana couldnt see the worms that she is feeding.. end up the other koi fishes in the same pond snatched arowana's food away. she tried using a torchlight, but still arowana couldnt see the worms! maybe he need a pair of contact lens!! and there i scare her saying that poor fish will die of hunger since it last ate at 2pm and got to wait till 7am the next day, tats 17 hrs apart! hahahah for serious.. she woke up early this mrg jus to feed him....

Friday, November 24, 2006

i did something today that i never dare to do! that is to take in the laundry clothes hanging on the poles outside. Always have this phobia worrying that it be heavy and i might dropped the pole from 8th level, tat will be a disaster. but i drop a clothes peg instead, seeing it dropped to the ground floor. .... raining heavily now

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Market Researchers of Focus@ be having their presentation in the afternoon for their client - Polished Divas.

My cousin is back from his 1 week exchange programme in Beijing. Still rememeber the 1 hr long distance call, he called back sharing stories about who he met, the cute Cedar girl that he has a liking to and how he impressed the class with his art drawings and shading. The previous time he went HK for his Choir, he came back saying that he liked this australian girl that he met. i wonder the next time who would it be.

pics that he have taken. Hmmm he always like to take pics of scenaries and others but just not himself. Hopefully this time round when i view his photos, i'll be able to catch more of his faces. This time round is definitely better, for the previous HK trip he came back with none of his face on any pics.

He said he bought me a Beijing 2008 pen!! and hey! that reminds me of my Beijing Olympic 2008 Architecture Analysis Project!!!!

And he is leaving for Bangkok this weekend, shall wait and see again .... what other stuffs he will get for me over there... *hint... remember to buy hor!

was told to post these pics

Mr moustache man... Santa Claus is coming to town?!

act cute faces.. any party girls out there?

ya la.. someone say i have 3 layer fats....

where is my toast?

poor birthday boy. His birthday pics were taken with my camera back in Oct. But he had never seen his birthday pics yet.

if Mr Duke Lim ever visit my blog.. hahah its more than a mth later den u get to see your birthday pics.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spot the difference! Other then the difference in colour tones & the cropping dimension, at least 5 other elements have been edited. But the picture here is small may be hard to find all the differences but minimally you should be able to spot ermm... how about 2?!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Miss Cutie Pie performed "xiao ke dou zao ma ma" at her Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony today. Outshines the rest with her lively, energetic dance. This super hyper young girl loves to pose in front of the camera, my fav young little model. Watching the groups of children performing, seeing the batch of graduating kids in their graduation robe, some of them fumbled, some tripped, some bow so low and dropped their graduation hats. The young ones never fail to bring joy & laughter to others through their amusing actions... that reminds me of the clumsy me when i'm at their age...

Had some fun back at home with my cousins... making the small cups of chocolate coated cornflakes with dash of colourful deco balls on top.. Yummy .. we all liked it but i only managed to grabbed 2 of them, rest were all snatched up.