Monday, September 17, 2007

a bite on that durian

yummyilicious.. durian flavoured mooncakes from Goodwood Park! bro bought 2 boxes of it to be eaten within the kids and relatives on saturday. i snatched a bite from the piece off my sister's hand. waaaa the bite and chew and taste in the mouth is simply bagus! thumbs up~ but then it got me really heated up... been heaty these few days, trying to preserve my voice , having sore throat.

fridge still have left overs but i resisted to eat it .. hopefully no one slice it up else im sure my tempted mouth will not be able to overcome the lure of it.

what other mooncakes brand are nice???

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Art by Jorven Tan

nicely sketched drawings.... Cars his love...Vivocity
His entry for a paperbag design contest for a watch company. Why plane at the backdrop? His dreams to be a pilot in yrs to come.

this is the artist... the monkey him doing some project work...measuring traffic light!

who stole the.....

who stole the limelight?!!! It's SIS again~
SUCCESS it's all due to SIS fabulous best supporting supporters...& the championship will not be possible without the contestant runners! woot~

so proud of u =D

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vege craze

Go Green...

Monday, September 10, 2007

the PO-LI-TICS.. prank... blang.... shattered..

trust no one but only yourself in this world. one must learn to be open & hear all sides of story.. and take things with a pinch of salt, don't believe everything you hear.

hard to find out who's statement is exactly right and who's not. So just do what is right to solve the problem than to play the office game....which is so called the politics that i think is really destructive which people see it as a way for competition to outshine or for defence. Why must pple start such a thing on earth...

we wanna get out of Singapore!

Spain ? Italy ?? England? Switzerland? Taiwan? Korea? Japan? London? Paris? US?
Kusu Island la... St John's...

women - her bizzare behavior

In Primary we were taught the science of magnets. Opposite poles attracts while similar poles repel. Recently came across a short article from Men's health with similiar analogy- difference attracts

It mentioned that whether your sex life sputters or sparks is determined partly by the immune-system genes called major histocompatibility complex (MHC). It was studied and found that the more similiar the partners' MHC genes, the less sexually attracted the women were to their mates. Similiar genetics between a couple increases the odds of her cheating. Partners with different MHC genes will produce offspring with stronger immune systems.

another article on women her bizzare behavior

1) when your gf gets suddenly furious, its becoz of low progesterone

2) when your gf bawls uncontrollably, its becoz of overdose of cortisol
The best defence: trying to solve her problems will only make things worse, so hold her instead. Physical contact boost levels of oxytocin, which should counterbalance the cortisol and calm her.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

nothing remains stagnant forever

G2000 an apparel brand synonymous with style, quality and value. Cater a range of clothing that flatter the asian physique. Have seen over the year, many of the fashion labels have 'revamped' on their image to keep up with the competitive retailing. Even shopping malls have to undergo facelift every couple of years. in fact there have been alot of changes in Singapore over this few yrs... new Singapore flyer, IR, new clubs, new malls vivoCity & ICON, ION coming up... and more and more...

vast changes have taken place, comparing singapore 10 yrs ago and now.. when im 24 this yr.. wondering how will sg be like 10 yrs down the road... when im 34? .... how many new buildings be constructed within the limited land space here? will i have kids by then.. and maybe life perspective will change after being a mum... or even after steppin out into the working society.. people and thinking morph and changes.

im different 10 yrs ago as compared to now. learning from day to day experiences... gainin more and more exposure from the real world... all these factors makes one's thinkin change as individuals open up their minds.. in biz world its not simple, innocent people loses out, gets taken advantage of... people are discerning, evil, play mind games, being double headed snakes,it doesnt help to be kind...boss told me "When u see person A, tell story A. When u see person B tell story B" meaning there is no need to be truthful, must know how to play tactics with different clients.

everything will change.. nothing remains stagnant forever.