Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pictures taken with Nokia N73~

the sweetest donut ever~ thanks to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for queuing there from 1130am till almost going 3pm. cant' imagine if i queue there by myself all alone for so many hrs. i joined the queue at about 2. So in maths, i queued less than an hr to get 2 dozens full of donuts home ~ hahahhaa =P
the kids love it.. they liked the spicy cheese especially (2nd row, rightmost), but my tastebud differs from theirs.

warning: do not consume too much of the donuts, u will feel super heaty! and u will need sunshine herbal tea~

Cherrize & me

she turned violent on me. Notice that she has very thick dark eyebrow!

more and more want to join in for photo taking.

miss specky tanz

they love playing with my HP camera...

Cherronne & me

even the cow wants to be in the pic!!

showing off her flexibility~

my face was wet all thanks to Shermund and his water toy! Well forgive him since he bluetooth numerous songs to me.

Look at JALKERN's butt!!!! his butt can SMILE!
im sure can fart too...

Message to Mr Tan: nahz... the picture u want... If u want a bigger version, give me wad u owe me first =P