Monday, June 16, 2008

My one big family ~ = )

Friday, June 13, 2008

High Performance. Delivered.

i love these people~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

what are people doing?! and what have i been doing?!

My dear friends are certainly enjoying themselves and going places ... and every weekends are loads of fun for them.

They went KL recently but i guess they dont quite enjoy it there....

this fellow told me he is the Tiger Woods!

what am i doing in my youths??! wasting all my weekends away rotting!
Found the below pic in my hdd. how this picture came about. One day this Ciba Japan staff ask me to help him take a group photo.. and before he left Ciba office to go back to his home country, he took an impromptu pic of me! and i was stunned at why he suddenly stood there to take pic of me and walk off.... weeks later then i realised that he was clever! before he left, he actually entrusted me to return his access pass to the admin. He actually dropped an email to the admin that it was this girl whom he passed the card to.... and he attached my photo ! OMG.. no way im going to escape if i forgot to help him return his pass...

Accenture - Ciba

This project has been a very enjoyable one. Ever since i joined the team, i am practically having team dinner or gathering sessions almost every single week. Working hours can be rather long... but when we have time for fun.. we are really out playing hard!

through this project i get to meet up with accenture colleagues "round the world"! I love the experience...

get to know this group of spanish mafias - Laia, Maria, Antonio, Aytami & Richart. what can i say about them? they are realli fun people!
Laia is a great entertainer who never fails to set us crackling into laughter... why is she in accenture? she should change her job!
Maria is a bit more dainty lady like...
Antonio - marj's eye candy!
Aytami who teaches me spainish! but being an incapable student.... i din really grapple it well enought..
Richart arhhh the guy who blames me for missing him out in distribution list for emails to the whole team.
They must be enjoing their time here.. i bet they been to more neighbouring singapore islands more than me! every weekend they have been traveling! Tioman.. and soon to Phi Phi island~
To my left are collegues from the india office
Phil! the super tall guy.

Frank Klaiber~
Oo... this is seyi... a very funny lady!

With Steen mollen, one of my project big heads

My dear Marj! the first whom i met in Ciba~ life in ciba wouldnt be the same without her...

Me and antonio. and.... Dominic who tries to get into the picture.

This is Aytami! he taught me "Eres muy guapo" which means "ni heng piao liang" in spainish
guapo is to be said to a guy
guapa is to a girl.
This is Jason ding! who is leaving the project for the financial services industry. He has been a great consultant, a great friend, a great colleague. one who gives me advises from time to time.
He is getting married in Oct! cant wait for the day to come to attend his wedding!!!!

before updating this post... i was actually at the farewell gathering party over at Dominic and Phil's apartment - The global residence at Tiong Bahru. People start to leave the project... some are returning and not coming back to SG often can we get the chance to gather all together for fun and laughter and games?! Good times together...we played Wii.... cool.. my first time playing.. it was fun... Lee lim when u see this post.... can u do me a favour?? lend me your wii game to play!!! heee....

my last post was when i left singtel project... well thats fast... its almost 3 months into this Ciba project... soon in another 2 mths Ciba project is coming to a closure.. where's my next destination? I love ccenture people~ ... i think im loving my life in accenture because of the great people i met...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Goodbye GEARS... Hi CIBA

It has been a wonderful 2.5 months. I had great team mates and managers.
- Bruce the Lee Xiao Long, a 10 mth old father who bathe his baby every morning before he comes to work!
- Lee Lim the..... mispronouciation guy.. the not very technical Technical architecture man? hahaha =P oopps... well with ya gd working attitude and appetite for learning , keep up the good work... u be the best TA one day!
- Kar Aik the father who dun dare to bathe his baby...
- Kelvin Koh the pressurizing manager who can talk alot alot alot and u wont be able to intercept his sentences..
- Ronny the loony manager... who keep asking 'so how?'
... hope we'll be reunited again when GEARS is back in action for the near future...
The start of my Accenture life has been fun with the pple i worked with. And it be kept in my beautiful memories.
Bruce Ng, Lee Lim, Sunshine! (from left to right)
these are the people tat i can talk with anything under the sun!

i'm handcuffed.... dunno why.. bruce drew it... he commented that i appear happy but actually i feel locked up... well well... but i truely enjoy the 2.5 mths on doing wad im doing....the pple in the team... i will miss u all!
lee lim... remember what u said in that bubble! me and bruce will be waiting for it patiently!..... no matter where u be going... basf or starhub or KL Astro.. we will haunt u down for our MENOTTI TREAT... i always love to make ya credit card burst!... BUST-ED remember?!

Lee lim the guy who has the worst pronounciation on earth that i ever met!
'Assume' he pronouce as 'AZZUME'
all the "S" become "Z"!!

and coincidently he is someone whom i find so similar when i first met him... den i realised that he has been on Uni-vantage before!
this is me.... making a fool of myself... Last day in raffles city office...
i played a prank on him and gotcha!
impromptu birthday celebration for bruce on 6th march. Cakes from Canele~

sweet strawberry hard fluffy candy topped with wasabi and redilicious chilli... with a one year old candle for Mr Bruce Hope we'll meet again next time~ Goodbye to room 35.02!

CIBA.... my new project site is at JURONG!
soobsbosobosbosobosobsb....... so far away...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

donuts battle

New donut brand spotted at raffles city shopping centre basement! J.CO Donuts &Coffee. Rival to that of the nearby Donut Factory. Business is affected for sure. A dozen donuts to cure my cough , sore throat...... no voice... all due to .... someone at work?!!?!?!!?!?!?!? Too much of talkin and questioning.. many 10 questions "why..?", dries the throat and increases one's tendency to lose voice!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New year festive~

my table full of new year deco....

"pls mei mei forgive me....."
family steamboat over aunt's place